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If you’re interested in changing what your body looks like, then this article is for you…
Lately, I’ve been doing a LOT of reading on “progressive overload” and the important role it plays in changing what our body looks like in terms of overall body composition

Progressive overload in the fitness world means a gradual increase in volume, intensity, frequency or time to achieve the targeted goal. In fitness volume and intensity are defined as the total number of repetitions multiplied by the resistance used as performed in specific periods of time.

To change our body, we MUST be increasing the load the body is under over time. So what this means is in our workouts we need to be lifting heavier weight from week to week. If you’re serious about changing what your body looks like, then it is a MUST!

If you’re walking in, winging your workouts, not recording your scores, times and weights each week then you are not guaranteeing that your body is going to change. Don’t get me wrong it’s great that you’re working out and if you’re not interested in changing your body your more interested in just simply exercising for fun and for a healthy mind then that’s great and I applaud that all the same. 

I am writing this email to help and if you’re genuinely interested and wanting your body to be more lean, muscular, trim and shredded. 

Now let’s break down progressive overload into simpler terms. 

Overload first and foremost means increasing the load the body is under over time. 

Now our first priority when wanting to overload the body is of course increasing the weight we lift each set. An example of this is say we take the bench press and we lift 80 kgs for 3 sets of 10. Then next week we take that same weight and try and lift it for 3 sets of 12 and etc and so on. That is a perfect scenario. 

BUT here’s the tricky part though for those who have been in the game for a while know that this increase in weight isn’t always a nice, steady incline as we WILL plateau for sure.  

So, what do we do when that weight can’t seem to be increased from week to week or in other terms we just can’t seem to be lifting heavier? 

We do the following:

1.       Increase the amount of sets we lift. So instead of 3 sets on 80kg bench we now do 4 sets with this same weight. This increase over time ensures a greater load the body is under. With this one though I wouldn’t do this for ALL exercises as that’s how we “overtrain” I would start by doing this increase in sets with the big main lifts FIRST, so the bench press, squats, dead lift, overhead press, chin-ups etc and then go from there. 
2.       Next thing we can do to help increase the load we are lifting without increasing the weight is lower the rest breaks in between sets. Let’s say your body is used to having 90 seconds rest in between those 3 sets of 10. Now, let’s try and get the same rep count 10,10,10 on 80kgs as explained earlier but now with only a 60 second rest break. This OVER TIME increases the load we need to change the body. 
3.       Next tip is to increase the time under tension on each rep. Instead of going fast on the eccentric phase of each lift (the way down) we would try and aim for a 3-4 second count with the SAME weight and complete 3 sets of 10 using this formula. This again increase the load the body is under which then helps change the body. 
4.       Another tip I focus more on to help increase the load over time is to focus on the squeeze and contraction of each rep. So, instead of just “banging” out 3 sets of 10 you now focus on moving the weight with better form. Focus on squeezing the working muscle at the top of each rep, then focus on stretching and contracting the muscle at the bottom. This under that same weight load causes a different break down of the muscle meaning more nutrients are required to repair the muscle which means it then grows back different. #PerfectResult

These are four tips I incorporate through-out my routine each week when I find a specific weight I just can’t seem to progress on. This attention to detail over a CONSISTENT time period is exactly what it takes to change the body. 

Start incorporating these tips into your sessions and stay consistent with them and your body will start changing right before your eyes. 

I hope these tips help 😊.

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