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Over the last 12 – 18 months I have got heavily into meditation. It is something that I incorporate into my morning routing as soon as I wake up without fail and then something I also do at least 1-2 more times through-out the day.

The reason I at first got into meditation was because I had heard it was great for “calming the mind down” and helping deal with a busy lifestyle. It is no secret that I am an extremely busy person. My alarm goes off at 5am, 7 days a week and sometimes earlier and I am on the go all day until 10pm each night. I know I am not the only one. In fact, I bet there are 100’s of you right now who are reading this who are far busier than I am working your full-time jobs, running your business, raising your kids, playing sport, working out the list goes on.

My point is we ALL lead busy lives. Which is why it is vitally important that we take time to STOP, take a break and allow the mind and body to go into a “restful” state. I at first thought meditation was kind of weird but the more I have done it the more I have learnt just how important it is in my daily routine.

Now let’s discuss the reason “WHY” meditation is so important. So basically, whenever we are stressed we have triggered the sympathetic nervous system (SNS). This is the nervous system that deals with stress.

There are countless studies out there that have proven that meditation has the opposite effect of stress. These studies have proven that those who prioritize meditation into their daily routines are not only less stressed but can also deal with stress better.

These studies have also proven that people who meditate have:

– Lower levels of anxiety.
– Lower levels of depression.
– Lower levels of pain. 

Not bad if you ask me.

Other studies have also found that mediation helps improve our “self-awareness”. Mediation can literally help make you more aware of where you are and help you be “present” and in the moment more. So, when you are speaking to loved ones or you’re with your kids it helps you know where you are. It helps you become more aware of your emotions too. Another great dot point if you ask me.

Also, meditation helps enhance the learning area of your brain. Other portions of your brain that include “empathy” and “perspective” are also enhanced through practicing meditation and let’s be honest in life perspective is everything. The more perspective you have in hard and stressful times the more it will help you not only get through them but also help you live a happy life.

Meditation also helps find balance in our brains. When we are stressed we often look to the “fight” side of our brain which means our heart rate raises and we can become aggressive and agitated. But when we practice meditation daily it helps us deal with stress better and helps us be in a calmer state when we do go through stressful times which happens to us ALL.

More studies have shown that meditation helps us as humans become less reactive and helps us have a better perspective in life and also aids and enhances our ability to cope with different stressful situations in life. All terrific dot points in how to live a happier life I say.

Anyway, guys that’s a bit of a wrap up on why and how meditation can help you live a happy life with a healthy mind

Some apps I use to meditate are “Smiling Mind”, “Headspace” and the “The Mindfulness App” to name a few.

I hope this helps team as I truly want you all to WIN. Not only with your Health and Fitness goals but with your Mental Health also

Don’t forget if you ever feel like you are really struggling with anything the team at Beyond Blue are amazing and are always there. They can be reached on 13 11 14.

Chat more soon legends and hope this email helped in some way!

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