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Simon Says...

Chocolate Protein Mousse

Do you have a sweet tooth? Give this low calorie chocolate protein mousse a try!

Back Workout!

Give this back workout a try which was taken straight from the members area of my training site.

Medicine Ball Abdominal Roll Outs!

Give these Medicine Ball Ab Roll Outs a try in your next workout!

Lettuce Wrap Fish Tacos

Give these super tasty, low carb lettuce wrap fish tacos a try!

Low Carb Beef Burger

Want something low carb yet super tasty? Give this low carb beef burger a try!

Healthy Banana Bread Chickpea Blondies

Give these yummy healthy banana bread chickpea blondies a try! So tasty and low in calories!

Spiced Chocolate and Sweet Potato Brownies

Need something to help with your sweet tooth? Give these yummy chocolate brownies a try!

Chocolate Protein Balls

Want something delicious and tasty but still low in calories? Give these yummy protein balls a try!

Breakfast Burrito

Want more breakfast ideas? Give this 'breakfast burrito' a try!

Simon’s Healthy Nachos

Everyone loves MEXICAN food. Give these low calorie nachos a try!

Full Body Kettle Bell Workout

Give this FAT BURNING full body KETTLE BELL workout a try!

Sticky Thai Beef And Soba Noodle Stir Fry

Need more ideas for dinner? Give this a try!