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Let’s talk about shredding and losing weight. 

You don’t lose weight because you’ve discovered some new “magic foods” that no one knows about. 

You don’t lose weight because you discover some new fad diet that you saw a trainer named “Bill” post about on the explore page of Instagram.

You lose weight because your body is in the correct ENERGY BALANCE. That’s it PERIOD! 

I don’t care if you’re following a keto diet, high carb/low carb diet, carb cycling, intermittent fasting, vegetarian, plant-based diet, pescatarian, IIFYM (the list goes on), us humans lose weight if we are burning more calories than what we are consuming. Simple. As. That!

Each of the above “dieting methods” only work IF the person following them has created a negative energy balance. PERIOD!

Let me break this down for you guys……

If you want to lose weight you need to be concentrating on the BELOW formula:

“Calories in Vs Calories out”.

When I “shred” (so far, I’ve lost 1.8kgs in 2 weeks) and when I write out my clients shred programs, I am writing out sessions, workouts and programs to follow that require a high amount of energy expenditure to complete them. 

Now my current workouts are taking anywhere between 90 mins to 2 hours to complete. Why? Not because I’m sadistic and love punishment (well maybe a little lol), but in all seriousness it is because I understand my body and the energy I need to be burning to “shred” and lose weight. 

Now when joining my Shred Program there is no way I am going to get anyone to train for 2 hours at a time as that is specific to my requirements – let me be 100% clear about that. With 15+ years’ experience in this game I know my body and I know what is required for me to shred and lose weight. 

I believe for the normal every day client who wants to lose weight a high intensity workout of 45 mins to an hour MAX at around 3-4 times a week is normally more than enough but again this comes down to each person’s current training splits, age, gender, job and how sedentary their everyday lifestyle is. All these factors need to be taken into account with each person as everyone is DIFFERENT – there is no one size fits all. 

This is exactly why each client who joins my shred program fills out an online questionnaire form prior to starting so I can personally read it and then write out the correct training program and meal plan to ensure each person who joins is in the correct ENERGY BALANCE to lose weight right from the start. 

Now if your calories are already low say 1,000 – 1,200 per day (which is quite common I might add) I am not going to drop these calories lower as this goes against everything I believe.

Instead, I will increase them slightly to build your metabolism a little while also increasing your energy expenditure through your custom workouts which will result in two wins. 
One, you will still lose weight from the increase in energy from the workouts and two, we’ll also be building your metabolism to a much safer level by adding in more fuel/food to your day. Both huge wins here for any client. 

I hope that helps better understand. If you do need help getting everything perfect to ensure you are 100% in a negative energy balance to lose weight for Summer and take all the guess work out join my 6 Week Shred Program. This program is designed perfectly to have each person who joins losing weight right from the start. 

The next and LAST round for the year kicks off in less than two weeks’ time on Monday 12th November but hurry as spots are limited. Link to join is BELOW:

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