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I was having a chat with a client last night about the powerful effect of food substitutes. Truth is we all have food cravings. The difference though to someone being successful in this game and someone who is not is what they CHOOSE to do when they have those food cravings……

Let’s delve a little deeper into what I mean here and let’s use a few real-life examples to help.

Let’s say we are craving Cadbury chocolate. We have had dinner at night we are watching TV and the mind starts wondering thinking about certain foods in the cupboard. We then reach for the Cadbury dairy milk chocolate from the pantry and before we know it we have consumed 10 – 12 small squares which is around 200g in weight.

That “little” amount of Cadbury chocolate has now equated to 1,070 calories at the below macro break down:

Fats: 59.6g
Carbs: 116.8g
Protein: 15g

Had we instead of opted for a “healthy treat” in the form of some chocolate protein mousse by UPS we would still tick the box of getting that chocolate “fix” we needed BUT at about 1/5th of the calories. I know myself having this treat each day keeps me on track and anyone who has also had it before simply can’t argue with the taste as it tastes INSANE!

1 serve of the UPS protein mousse has a mere 176 calories at the below macro break down:

Fats: 3.1g
Carbs: 5.4g
Protein: 31g

What a crazy difference that is.

Let’s use another example.

OK so it’s Saturday afternoon and we are craving a burger and fries. No problem at all I get these same cravings as well. We opt to go to McDonald’s or another fast food outlet similar and choose to grab a burger, fries and a thick shake.

We are now looking at consuming roughly anywhere between 1,800 – 2,000 calories in total with this option at the below macro break down:

Fats: 66g
Carbs: 144g
Protein: 55g

Not to mention how sick we will feel afterwards. Instead we make a smarter choice and we choose to make a “healthy grilled chicken/beef burger” from home with baked sweet potato fries with salt in the oven and a diet coke to wash it down. We are now looking at only consuming 700 – 800 calories in total at the below macro break down:

Fats: 9g
Carbs: 45g
Protein: 52g

If you need a healthy burger recipe hit the link BELOW:


Crazy the difference hey? Not to mention how much better you will feel afterwards.

I hope this helps guys as often in my opinion a lot of people confuse this game far too much. If you’re wanting to lose weight and achieve fat loss start off by making better, conscious decisions day in and day out, stay consistent and the RESULTS will come.

If you do need further ideas of some low-calorie snack ideas to have through-out the day then be sure to check out my blog post BELOW:


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